Coaching Conversations

Conversations Affect The Workplace

June 06, 2022 Tim Hagen
Coaching Conversations
Conversations Affect The Workplace
Show Notes

First of all, realize one thing conversations are powerful! What we say and how we say it has a major impact whether fair or unfair.

Let's look at how conversations can negatively affect the workplace

  1. The water cooler - gossip central.
  2. Come into to my office - uh oh what did I do wrong?
  3. So-and-so told me… - ahhh not going to the source always create issues.
  4. The emotional interpretation - people react emotionally versus rationally asking themselves what ca I learn when getting feedback.
  5. The Maniac response - my boss ALWAYS attacks me or they never give me a chance. 

Now let's look at how conversations can positively affect the workplace

  1. From water cooler to coffee break - lets just chat and learn about one another to deepen our connection.
  2. Come into my office - you are doing a (specific) great job! Now the positive stuff can spread.
  3. So-and-so told me so I want to learn from you ... - connections learning from one another can spread connections and knowledge.
  4. The written communication - send a card praising and that message will last a long time.
  5. The self-actualized question - "what will you do successfully ... fill in the blank" and watch them react positively as the questions helps frame out their response and reaction.

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