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Quiet Quitting: Some of it is Bullshit!

September 23, 2022 Tim Hagen
Coaching Conversations
Quiet Quitting: Some of it is Bullshit!
Show Notes

The process is flawed! We interview and people provide answers to get the job. They (the applicants) never once say

"Just so you know my crappy attitude shows up at 90 days and I start undermining people. At 6 months I lose my motivation and will want more money so please get prepared. Last, do not bother me with extra work because the Quite Quitting thing sounds pretty good and I will displaying that at about 9 months."

                                                  PLEASE TELL ME You Are Laughing?

Let's get back to the Fundamentals:

  1.  If you are hired to do a job and you get paid ... DO THE JOB!
  2. Employees are NOT hired to demonstrate a negative attitude ... SO STOP ACTING THAT WAY!
  3.  Let's get back to doing a good job, going above & beyond the call of duty, and helping teammates out when needed with a positive demeanor .. WOW THAT SOUNDS REFRESHING!
  4. When employees interview and say they are helpful and great teammates ... ACT LIKE IT!
  5. If you (employee) are feeling undervalued or not challenged schedule a time with your boss and ask for feedback and REALLY LISTEN! It does not mean you need to agree yet its better than never talking to them and sharing your hardships with teammates who cannot really help you!

Look this has probably come off cynical to some and I am okay with that. Leaders and organizations ARE NOT in charge of employee's careers. They provide opportunities but at the end of the day its up to the employee so why do we put so much on the leader?

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