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What Type of Employee Are You?

September 26, 2022 Tim Hagen
Coaching Conversations
What Type of Employee Are You?
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Show Notes

 At Progress Coaching, we do not get involved in interviewing work or interviewing skills or anything like that. The one thing I would share with all of you more than anything is that when we're hiring people, I think we have to change what we do. I think we have to really, really get people to be transparent with the themselves. I hear all too often, especially, and I'm gonna say it from the younger generation. I don't think the older generation does it as much. I think we all can do this is as we tend to take a job as a stepping stone yet. You don't say that in the interview, right? You don't say, well, I'm gonna be here about six to 12 months, and then I'm gonna move on and I'm gonna take the training that you gave me and I'm going to take it to another company. 

Most people don't do that right yet. I think the employer today should ask some very pointed questions and I think it can help organizations reestablish their workplace culture.

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