Coaching Conversations

The LACK Feedback System Will Empower Your People

April 25, 2021 Tim Hagen
Coaching Conversations
The LACK Feedback System Will Empower Your People
Show Notes

The key to this feedback system is to manifest everything in the discussion around the role of altering perception even though we are probably helping people to deal with their own reality. The LACK feedback system is about positioning people to seek feedback of where they have opportunities to improve the perception they give off as teammates or whatever the subject matter is that you would like them to address. We use LACK as a tool as most people LACK the ability or knowledge of how to have such conversations which leads to areas where they LACK self awareness,.

Here is how it works:

1.       First ask them to seek feedback from peers in upper-level management of where they have an opportunity to improve as a teammate that will alter perception they may be giving off. Notice the language of opportunity to improve and perception - these words create a greater willingness for people to produce such an activity which can be extremely uncomfortable. 

a.       Once this has been done three or four times this is where the lack system of feedback goes to work and here is how that can be facilitated: Once the feedback has been attained ask the following questions: 

b.       Learn: what did you learn? 

c.       Actions: What action will you take based on what you learned? 

d.       Career: How will the learning and actions help you with your current and potential future career? 

e.       Knowledge: What did you learn about yourself that you are committed to improving going forward positively? 

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